I studied Fashion Design at the Politecnico of Milano, and Knitwear Design at Nottingham Trent University, where I researched sustainable practices for fashion. I freelance as an Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Hand Painter and Textile Designer. I believe in a holistic approach that links art, design, environment and community.

I spend my evenings listening to Ram Dass, collecting memes and making lists.

Publications include Fuuucking Young! Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, Noctis Mag

Zimoun 2013 Artist AssistantPauline Van Dongen 2014_2015 Studio Assistant |  Xu Zhi 2015_2016 Designer Assistant  |  Mira Mikati 2016 Freelance Handpainter  | Debut Art 2016 Gallery Assistant  | Min Wu 2016_2017 Design Assistant  | Thiiird Magazine Art Director | Woodhouse 2017 Co-op Member | Creativity Lab 2017_2018 Project Coordinator